Ouinex is a Digital Asset Trading platform with secure and easy access to deep liquidity, best bid-ask aggregation from the most prominent exchanges worldwide, and lightning-fast trading execution. The latest technologies are embedded in our trading platform.


The Greenline Service is a comprehensive solution for OTC Crypto Trading, Cross Border Payments, and Invoice Fulfillment. With a dedicated OTC trading desk, they offer rapid trades for buying or selling crypto assets of any size, along with same-day settlements through SEPA or SWIFT.


FUTR is Web3’s first all-in-one personal life management vault, letting you monetize your data and earn $FUTR tokens each time you secure your documents and data in our bank-rated FUTR vaults.


FrontFanz is a Web3 video sharing ecosystem that is bringing creators closer to their fans. As a peer-to-peer platform, FrontFanz allows stakeholders to interact directly, removing banks, payment processors and other intermediaries from the equation.

Blaze Token

Blaze Token by Storyfire is designed to capture the value of every user’s attention. By democratizing data ownership and providing monetization efforts, a perfect marketplace for video content is formed. The result is creators getting rewarded for their efforts sooner, and viewers having a chance to actually participate in the development process of new content.

Asia Disruptive Investments Summit

The Asia Disruptive Investment Summit is an event that aims to bridge the knowledge gap and provide learning opportunities for asset managers and investors looking to gain insight into alternative assets and disruptive technology investments. Building off the meaningful insights delivered in the Family Office Summit, this event will focus on Asia and provide attendees with unique insights into the area’s current market situation and investment opportunities.


AAM uses a sophisticated investment approach to manage digital assets funds and products for UHNW individuals and institutional investors.