Whether you are new to the internet or run a business with a website that needs some tinkering but you’re not sure how to proceed, help is on the way.


You have your email up and running and now you’re wondering:

  • how do I start a message?
  • what if I need to find an email someone sent me?
  • why is some of the writing blue?
  • what are all those symbols across the top?
  • how do I send an attachment?
  • how do I send a picture?

internet basics and the world wide web

Does someone you know need to learn some basics internet skills?
To people born before 1960, the internet may still be a strange and frightening concept, and having someone beside them to guide them through it can be helpful.

website rescue

So you already have a website, but it’s a little out of date. You can’t really remember how to go in and make the changes, and what if something goes wrong?

set up a blog

A blog is short for “weblog”, a series of entries someone makes to a particular place on the web, and then people can comment on what they’ve said. It’s a great way to document a trip, a daily recipe, fishing expeditions, gardening adventures, stock forecasts or whatever you might have something to talk about. Blogs are fairly easy to set up, a few hours and you’ll be on your way.


Need to set up a gmail account and not sure about finding your way around?

photo sharing

How do I share my photos? Let me count the ways! If you’re not keen on joining Facebook, other platforms like Flickr and picasso allow you to upload bunches of photos, and then send people a link to those photos.

start a newsletter

If you belong to a group, it’s likely that group wants to be kept in the loop.